Our Story

Boni provides wayfinding, discovery, and object-level attribution for indoor environments, allowing individuals to easily navigate complex venues. Originally built as a guidance service for the visually impaired, Boni’s unique approach to POI mapping and routing algorithms helps venue owners drive traffic to specific points of interest (be it a garbage can, hospital bed, or retail store), ensure safety and prevent risk through clear Exit routing, and empower visitors with confidence and peace.


Barrier free publicly available venues. We provide assistive mobile applications which are breaking the barriers for the people with disabilities. With free Loud Steps application, venues are made accessible for the people with visual disabilities.

Loud Steps

LOUDSTEPS uses our POI mapping & routing algorithms to provide indoor navigation for the visually impaired.

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Meet Our Partners

All around the world, non profit associations for the people with disabilities are helping us to deliver world-class mobile applications. Through out the worlds, 1000s of volunteers are giving their input to upgrade our technology level.

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International organizations recognizes Boni by delivering state-of-the art technology.
We proudly hold our nominations and awards.


Global Mobile Awards
Best Mobile App Nominee

  • 2014

Solal Marketing Awards
Best Social Responsibility Award

  • 2015

Global Telecoms Business Awards
Mobile Infrastructure Innovation Award

  • 2016

Annual Responsible Business Awards
Sustainable Innovation

  • 2016