• Engage Shoppers with Boni Beacons
    Boni, gives you the opportunity to identify and engage with shoppers in any part of shopping cycle via its BLE enabled Beacons.
  • Invite your target shoppers in
    Boni captures your targeted shoppers when they are nearby and guides them to your store, while reporting every aspect of the process.
  • Enrich your Shopping Experience
    Increase you interaction with your shoppers, by simply placing the beacons at any part of your shop and socialize with your shoppers.
  • A new approach to shopper loyalty
    Reward shoppers, not because of their purchase, but for their interaction with you.
Shoppers who walk & win
Both fun and rewarding Mobile Shopping App, with its unique customer experience. Points rewarded while walking around a mall or visiting a store are later used for redeeming a gift. Apart from all this, Boni makes shopping more efficient with personalized offers.
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Set your Beacons up
Place your beacons, where you want to interact with the shopper
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Create content and reward scenarios using the Boni Admin Screens
Track your Progress
Track the progress of your scenarios in the vastly growing Boni Web.
  • Stick & Run
    Boni Beacon’s battery runs for up to 2 years, without any bandwidth connection or maintenannce requirements. Identify your beacons with the merchant app and start using.
  • App Implementation
    You may use Boni SDK to implement Boni Beacon technology to your own app. This will enable micro location based developments in your app.
  • Know Your Shopper
    Identify your target profile by tracking visit frequencies and demographic information of your shoppers
  • Reward your customers
    Reward your shoppers depending on their visit frequency. Apart from this, you may apply personalized promotions to attract the shoppers who have never visited your store
  • Track your progress
    In the course of optimizing your marketing strategy, use the engagement and reward conversion performance in the Boni web, in order for you to get to know your shopper and adapt your services to be more shopper oriented .
Boni Pazarlama ve İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş.
Address: Emniyetevler Mahallesi, Lala Paşa Sokak
No: 7/3, 4. Levent / İstanbul
Tel: (0212) 278 81 82
E-Mail: info@boni.me
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